Open an account online and get your digital card in minutes !

Save time and money with Nøelse for only 2€/month

No commitment and no hidden fees

Your Noelse account for only 2€/month

No commitment and no hidden costs

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Open an account in minutes

Get a French IBAN in just a few clicks, from wherever you want, whenever you want...

Carte digitale Noelse

Enjoy a credit card that you control

Integrate your card into Noelse Pay to pay with a simple gesture with your smartphone. No need to wait for your physical card to arrive

Gestion de votre budget

Control your budget on a daily basis

Keep an eye on your finances

Suivi de vos dépenses

Simplify the tracking of your expenses

Retrieve all your transactions without time limit

Paiements instantannés

Pay in one click

With Nøelse, manage and control your transfers the way you want to. Enjoy free, instant and unlimited transfers in the Nøelse community

Sécurité de compte

Manage your account security

Find all your settings in the application, at your fingertips. From blocking cards to managing your ceilings, activate or deactivate them in one click

Service client

Be accompanied by a customer service that speaks your language

Ask all your questions to our customer service and we will answer you quickly

Set up your account in 1 click and pay only for the services you use

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Get your IBAN in minutes

Enter your personal information.
Your data and identity are verified.
Your IBAN is created and your virtual card ready to use.
You can load money and enjoy account!

For private individuals

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One account, one card, €2/month

No commitment and no hidden fees

  • An online account accessible from your mobile app or computer
  • A digital card included and a physical card on request
  • Real-time balance and unlimited history
  • Real-time push notifications
  • A responsive and easily reachable customer service
  • Access to a multitude of complementary services
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